Brands in The Digital Age
May 29, 2023

Autor: Abg. Patricia Estupiñan

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Currently, the health crisis has forced companies to increase their digital presence, either through social networks or by marketing their products or services electronically, being in many cases the main point of sale for companies, eliminating physical barriers, and bringing them closer to their consumers, becoming This was a great ally of the brands, which on the one hand implies new business opportunities; and on the other, risks, especially in the field of IP due to the number of fraudulent products found online.
Legal uncertainty is inevitable in the technological framework because it runs at two completely different rhythms. While someone proposes a law to regulate it, that has already been transformed, and when it is necessary to apply it, it has been transformed even more.
As for my experience, in our country the authorities in charge of managing IP regulations are unaware of terms such as what an IP address is, although they do not have to know it, they will hardly be able to understand what is coming their way. My suggestion regarding this is to use prevention tools such as: Registering the brand, creating a digital footprint, IP use agreements and monitoring systems.
Finally, the use of influencers and youtubers as a strategy for brand promotion must contain: verification that the person has the values of the brand without behaviors that could harm it; abide by the advertising regulations in each country; sign an exclusive contract and monitor the expected work.


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