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February 29, 2024

Author: Atty. Emily Sampedro Morales – Fabeyra Curiel López



Justice for “VALIENTE”

At Fexlaw Abogados, we have created a new type of Law Firm based on a more passionate and personal way of practicing law, which is why we have Corporate Social Responsibility programs. In alliance with Fundación Acción Animal Ecuador, the case of Valiente arrived at our offices in June 2020.

With the entire legal team, we undertook the task of seeking Justice for Valiente, as a PRO BONO case, and this task was merely legal, from the elaboration of a theory of the case, investigative phase, to elaborating a misdemeanor complaint, unfortunately animal abuse was a contravention when it was committed, with enormous happiness today we can say that since June 21, thanks to the reforms to the COIP, animal abuse is already a crime of private action.

Once the complaint was filed, we received several refusals from the judicial system to our requests, however, we continued and it was the teamwork that led us to a well-deserved victory, in the end we managed to ensure that a violation does not go unpunished. The penalty, public apology and 30 hours of service to the community at the Regional Dog Training Center, however, we are sure that the moral penalty is imprescriptible.

Valiente an innocent animal that could not defend itself or ask for help, attacked by the owner causing the loss of his right eye affecting one of his most important senses, the sense of sight. Today it is a badge of the fight against animal abuse. We are committed to the fight against all types of violence and we firmly believe that justice at the end of the day is not letting a victim be left defenseless and a perpetrator free of all blame. Our work philosophy is not only to work with large companies, but to help our communities when they need us most.



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