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April 18, 2024

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This month, the Fexlaw Abogados team and the participation of our Abg. Emily Sampedro and Fabeyra Curiel, have been participants in Quality Magazine, where the great work of the team was mentioned to execute a service that goes beyond providing quality legal consulting and practical solutions, but focuses on the creation of a new kind of law firm based on a more passionate and personal way of practicing law.

The article also discusses issues such as good management for corporate reputation, ethics and corporate social responsibility, the implementation of compliance programs, and the company’s vision of the Sustainable Development Goals.

This is a great achievement for Fexlaw and for all its collaborators.

Article presented on page. 93-97

The traditional way of exercising law is outdated. Fexlaw Abogados, is a group of professionals with a vision of the future who created a new type of law firm based on a more passionate and personal way of practicing law.

One of the points that differentiates Fexlaw comes from a very valid reflection “Why brag about the things that everyone does?”. To get that answer and understand how differentiated the service executed by Fexlaw is, just explore the sites of most companies and they will say that they provide quality legal advice and practical solutions. They also generally state that they are customer-focused, approachable, and responsive. Like any good lawyer or law firm, Fexlaw also has those precepts. But, contrary to most companies, they do not believe that this is a reason for pride, because, according to their professionals, they are simply things that you can expect from your law firm.

Understanding the differentials of FexLaw Abogados:

They challenge the legal status quo. The first question we ask is, “How would you do this the traditional way?” The second is: “Would our customers want us to do it differently?” Often the answer to the second question is yes. Our value approach, our close relationship with clients and each other, our use of systems and automation, our passion, and every other aspect of our practice finds its roots in our dedication to shaking up traditional system fundamentals.
They promise value and they guarantee that. Like all companies, they are committed to providing value to their customers. But, in reality, they are a company that is willing to put their money where the need is. FExLaw is the first law firm in Ecuador to implement a “value guarantee”. Any customer who believes that their service and value commitments are not being met may discount their invoice by an amount that they believe represents reasonable value.

They think the client will like their lawyers. Too often there is little human connection in the attorney-client relationship. It boils down to a transaction: the lawyer provides a service, the client pays the bill. FexLaw attorneys act to redefine the attorney-client relationship by reclaiming the human connection. They believe it’s possible to be the attorneys you enjoy spending time with, whether it’s working together on a file or stopping by our office for a Friday afternoon coffee or beer.
FexLaw represents companies and individual clients in the areas of criminal law, asset recovery, financial fraud, insolvency, financial services litigation, business, family, labor, civil, mediation
and intellectual property. They are recognized as a reference in their professional performance.

What is the role of the company and how was the beginning of its activities?

FEXLAW is a law firm that has a network of professionals at an international level whose function of the company is to provide the best possible service to its clients at a global level, in cases of complex and delicate judicial processes; and thus prevent controversies, mitigate risks, solve problems, through personalized legal advice that generates trust and shows satisfactory results. They are a forward-thinking group of professionals who have created a new type of law firm based on a more passionate and personal way of practicing law. FEXLAW was born with an ideal of globality, honesty and efficiency. Challenging the legal status quo. His value approach, his close relationship with clients and staff, his use of systems and automation, his passion, and every other aspect of his practice finds its roots in his selfless dedication to shaking the foundations of the traditional system.

Does the company market to what types of markets?
FEXLAW represents financial sector institutions, governments, state companies, public and private companies and individual clients in the areas of corporate law, civil law, criminal law, labor law, portfolio recovery, asset recovery, intellectual property, financial fraud, insolvency and financial services litigation; Being a benchmark in the regional legal services market.

How many direct and indirect jobs does the company generate?
About fifteen jobs

Do you have Corporate Social Responsibility Programs? Which? What phase are they in? What were the main challenges and results?
As Corporate Social Responsibility programs, FEXLAW is part of the Global Compact, being an active member of the tables for SDG 5 “Gender Equality” and SDG 16 “‘Peace, justice and solid institutions”.
Regarding internal programs, FEXLAW has an alliance with the Acción Animal Ecuador foundation, which promotes principles such as respect for animal rights, in order to stop animal abuse and promote a culture of values. Part of this alliance consists of free defense and sponsorship of cases of animal abuse. The main challenge has been to be able to combine the practice of the profession with the programs, workshops and meetings because they demand a lot of time, effort and dedication, however, the members of each project are genuinely committed and have achieved great results.
“If our businesses don’t serve our community, it can’t be called success.”

What is the most important CSR project that your company carried out?
One of the CSR projects that FEXLAW implemented was the creation of dissemination spaces and webinars focused on SDG 5 Gender Equality. In this sense, Dr. Patricia Estupiñan, Partner of the legal firm together with Abg. Emily Sampedro and Fabeyra Curiel, created and led a Web Seminar entitled «What has isolation left us? An approach from the perspective of the lawyers oriented to the lessons and the post covid-19 panorama». The event had three transversal axes, panorama, gender tools and lessons. The objective was to promote the incorporation of the principles for the empowerment of women. In addition to strengthening corporate equality policies between women and men. The law firm considers it important to develop events with social and practical impact from its experience.

Another important project is the “pro-bono” defense of cases of violence and abuse against the sexual integrity of women, girls and adolescents, this is how they currently defend a minor under 10 years of age who would have been sexually abused by her parent. , the criminal process is in the preliminary investigation phase.

In case you have not adhered to CSR programs, do you have expectations of implementing them? What would?
Corporate Social Responsibility programs have already been implemented, however, FEXLAW seeks to continue adding and including projects that contribute to the company and society, it is considered that change begins with each organization and in this sense it is signing Principles for the Empowerment of Women (WEPs) in alliance with the Global Compact and UN Women because they are genuinely committed to continue implementing principles for gender equality within the organization.
Likewise, as part of a United Nations initiative, they signed the declaration of business leaders for renewed global cooperation. Agreement whose purpose is the existence of global cooperation between companies and thus be able to be part of a change.

What is the vision of the company on the Sustainable Development Goals?
FEXLAW is aware that the SDGs represent great environmental, political and economic challenges. Therefore, they are fully committed to gradually implementing them in their growth and development model, both in the medium and long term. Its main objective is to achieve the 17 SDGs. In addition to becoming established as a pioneering legal services company in management, quality and innovation, framed in responsibility and sustainability.

How does your company contribute to the satisfaction of its internal and external customers and suppliers?
The satisfaction of its clients is the priority for the company, in this way they deliver value and guarantee it, becoming the first law firm in Ecuador to implement a “value guarantee”, which consists of any client who believes that they are not has complied with the commitment proposed by the company as well as service and value, you can discount your invoice to an amount that you believe represents a reasonable value and you are fully satisfied.

How important is good management for your company’s corporate reputation?

FEXLAW is clear that a good corporate reputation is earned, mainly with a good team which provides an image and offers a good service because they are aware that their success is not only based on the work they do, but on how they do their job. For them, the most important thing is because they do it and they are totally convinced that in the way they carry out their legal services they help their clients to have excellent services, for fair trade, honest legal processes and with all the digital tools available.

What responsible strategies does your company carry out to achieve customer satisfaction?
The relationship with its stakeholders is based on recovering the human connection. Working with a lawyer that you enjoy spending time with, whether working on a file together or stopping by our office for a coffee or beer on a Friday afternoon, is believed to strengthen bonds of trust.

How important is ethics and corporate social responsibility for the organization?
Ethics and social responsibility are very important for the company to the point of being a fundamental axis and pillar in its line of business. The company works hard to implement high ethical standards in combination with all CSR programs.

Have you implemented a Compliance Program? What are the main guidelines? And the main challenges?

We have implemented a Compliance Program within the company, which consists of the following guidelines:

• Establishment of an ethical code.
• Establishment of a disciplinary code.
• Confidentiality agreement for protection
of sensitive information and confidentiality.
• Polygraph exam to determine potential risks.

The article presented is found on pages. 93-97. You can access at the following link.


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