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Quito – Ecuador.



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Guayaquil – Ecuador.



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Bogotá D.C.  - Colombia.


Selected as the Best Recommended Signature 2021
in Business Criminal Litigation, Compliance and Fraud

Selected as the Best Recommended Signature 2022
in Business Criminal Litigation, Compliance and Fraud

Great Place to Work Certified

Legal Award Winner 2020

Latin American Quality Awards 2020

Best Website 2022

We represent companies and individual clients in the areas of criminal law, asset recovery, financial fraud, insolvency, financial services litigation, corporate, family, labor, civil, mediation and intellectual property.


Criminal Law

FEXLAW maintains highly specialized professionals in criminal law both in Ecuador and in the United States, which allows the firm to have a clear and determined vision of the case presented.


Our international and local due diligence service can be fully customized based on customer objectives, criteria, and tools.

Asset Recovery

At FEXLAW we have extensive international experience in the recovery of illegally obtained assets, and we understand the complexity of the fiduciary and financial structures applied to the concealment of assets.

Banking Law Litigation

FEXLAW represents financial institutions in connection with operational banking disputes. We have significant experience in banking and insurance related cases.

Bankruptcy and insolvency

FEXLAW provides representation for clients in most aspects of bankruptcy and insolvency cases, both in Ecuador and in relation to insolvencies outside of Ecuador.

Corruption and Asset Recovery Procedures

FEXLAW provides representation for clients in most aspects of bankruptcy and insolvency, both in Ecuador and in relation to insolvencies outside of Ecuador.

Recovery of Cross-Border Marriage Asset

Fexlaw’s conjugal asset recovery team is part of a global network of international investigators, accountants and attorneys with experience in identifying assets that were not disclosed.

Scams and Financial Fraud

FEXLAW financial fraud team frequently coordinates multi-jurisdiction investigations and asset recovery efforts with legal, forensic and investigative experts in other jurisdictions.

Civil Law

The FEXLAW Law Firm provides advice on Civil and Non-Patrimonial Civil Law. 

Administrative Law

Our firm has extensive experience in the general administrative procedure. FEXLAW has highly specialized lawyers in the practice of procedures and legal proceedings.

Corpotate Law

FEXLAW Lawyers advises its clients in choosing the most appropriate and efficient corporate structure until the constitution and maintenance of all types of companies.

Family Law

In this field, there are a variety of judicial proceedings that we provide legal representation for our clients, such a settlement, divorce litigation, parenting rights and responsibilities.

Laboral Law

FEXLAW Lawyers provide complete coverage in labor legal advice, in the fields of individual and collective Labor law, labor procedural law, social security and immigration law.

Intellectual Property

Our FEXLAW Intellectual Property Area team maintains vast experience in the national sphere, as well as extensive experience in international organizations on the matter.

Conflict Resolution

Based on the consideration of the needs and objectives of our clients, FEXLAW Lawyers designs the most appropriate strategy.

Competition Law

FEXLAW attorneys have a vast experience in matters related to the application of regulations related to the functioning of markets and competition.

Consumer Defense

The main function of this area of ​​law is to protect and guarantee the defense of consumer safety, as well as to advise and defend the entrepreneur in this type of situation.

Water and Natural Resources

At FEXLAW we have professionals who have held senior management positions in public water resource management and mining companies.

Concessions and Public-Private Partnerships

FEXLAW provides legal advice for the realization of associative, financing and development mechanisms.

Public Procurement

FEXLAW has a team of professionals with extensive knowledge and experience in Public Procurement, being able to advise in any of its phases.

Government Control and Audits

We have a team of professionals specialized in accompanying all phases of government audits for the proper discharge of findings.

Sports Law

At FEXLAW, our passion for Sport not only allows us to practice it, but also to advise sports organizations and athletes of all levels.

Maritime and Port Law

Our presence in the city of Guayaquil and the rest of the country’s coastal area allows us to offer a different vision in legal advice on maritime, port and customs law.

Municipal and Real Estate Law

FEXLAW has lawyers with vast experience in the management of procedures, permits and municipal licenses.

Migration and Foreign Affairs

 FEXLAW has a team specialized in immigration in the business area, they have extensive experience in legal advice for the issuance of visas.

Public Policies and Government Affairs

At FEXLAW we have professionals with extensive experience and knowledge in the formulation of public policies and management of government affairs.

Production, Agribusiness, Fishing and Aquaculture

FEXLAW provides legal advice to companies involved in the primary production of raw materials and food, both in the agricultural and livestock sectors, as well as in the agribusiness in general.

Portfolio Recovery

At FEXLAW we have a strong practice in recovery of overdue portfolio, which is executed from administrative and persuasive collection, to pre-judicial and judicial.

Complementary Services

Forensic Acounting

FEXLAW Lawyers haves the advantage of the experience obtained from having participated in some of the largest and most recognizable cases in Ecuador and the region.


FEXLAW works with its sister company FEXTOR, in charge of employing the latest investigative tools and techniques worldwide.

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Ultra-endurance athletic competitions as a team


“My sincere congratulations to the members of the FEXLAW law firm for their magnificent work as representatives of our institution.

FEXLAW has carried out a negotiation and mediation process for Behavior & Law ESPAÑA in front of a private institution in the Republic of Ecuador, ensuring our interests at all times and with a high professional level. For all this, I congratulate and recommend FEXLAW to any person or entity that needs an honest, serious legal office that watches over the interests of its client”.

Rafael M. López Pérez, President, Behavior & Law ESPAÑA

“We want to congratulate and acknowledge the work that your Law Firm carried out to identify and recover the economic value of $ 835K belonging to our company and that were transferred to a bank in Hong Kong, fraudulently from Ecuador.

In particular, we recognize prompt action and coordination with local authorities in Ecuador, as well as in the United States with the FBI and with Financial, Police and Judicial authorities in Hong Kong. This shows great experience in recovering funds”.

Miguel Ángel Alemán, General Manager, CARDNO AUSTRALIA

“To thank on behalf of Valiente and the entire community that makes up Acción Animal Ecuador to the entire FEXLAW Law Firm that decided to dedicate itself to give justice to those that many think is a simple animal, thank you very much to Emily and Fabeyra for being on this day to day, process in process, putting his time, energy, head and professionalism at the service of this innocent dog”.

Christian Camilo Ramírez, President, Acción Animal Ecuador.



”Happy staff are proud staff, and proud staff deliver excellent customer service, which drives business success”. Richard Branson.

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