Webinar “Compliance and fight against corruption”
April 18, 2024
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Last Thursday, the Webinar “Compliance and the fight against corruption”, organized by the Ecuadorian American Chamber of Commerce – AMCHAM, FEXLAW Abogados, FEXTOR and LEXVALOR Abogados, was held.

👉Speakers of the day:

➡️Daniel Calderón, Tax Director FEXLAW
➡️Hector Muñoz, Consulting Partner COGNITIO S.A.
➡️Luis José Montes, CEO BCComply
➡️Dino Carlos Caro Coria, Founding Partner Caro & Asociados
➡️Laura Casal Fernández, Founding Partner MLP
➡️Marco Karolys, FIDEVAL Executive President FIDEVAL


➡️Emily Sampedro Morales, Legal Operations Manager FEXLAW
➡️Margoth Chiriboga López, Partner Lexvalor Abogados

💻 The event had the participation of more than 80 attendees. Thanks!







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