Family Law
In this field, there are a variety of judicial proceedings that we provide legal representation for our clients, such a divorce settlement, divorce litigation, parenting rights and responsibilities (custody and parenting time), child support, valuation and division of marital assets, and negation of Pre-nuptial & Post-nuptial agreements. Careful analysis and deep understanding of a particular family´s circumstances ground our advice as we guide each of our clients to solutions that meet their particular requirements. That’s why, in our Family Law practice, the personal interview is extremely important, not only applied to our client but to other people involved. Another aspect of particular importance in the experience of our firm is mediation processes due to the fact that FEXLAW lawyers are trained to be skilled negotiators that successfully reach to settlements in complex cases. In regards to adoption, both national or international, we offer complete and comprehensive advice and support to applicants until the completion of the process. In our practice we also work alongside experienced therapists who can give support through different family processes, while the legal proceedings are carried out by our team of lawyers.
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