Portfolio Recovery
Designing a successful portfolio recovery plan is our goal; For this, FEXLAW elaborates a case theory, in which, from a legal perspective, the extrajudicial and judicial collection strategies are analyzed based on the credit risk of each case (something very necessary for the collection system). Once the personalized collection strategy is known, we make sure to carry out the respective investigation, location and identification of the debtor, be it a natural or legal person, and their assets. The level of professionalism and solid experience of the Collections Unit of FEXLAW Abogados, allow us that all portfolio recovery process begins with a negotiation, payment agreement or mediation; all this, in order to achieve an effective payment management directly to the accounts of our customers. If there is no agreement, the necessary legal processes are followed until the effective fulfillment of the obligation is obtained. It is important to make known that FEXLAW has an international asset location company and a Call Center, key components that guarantee a unique form of portfolio recovery in the market.
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