Why we do it

We were born in 2019. In 2020 we won the recognition of Acquisition International as the best Law Firm in Criminal Law. The same year we won recognition for excellence in customer service by the Latin American Quality Institute. At the end of that year, as part of the United Nations Global Compact, we signed SDGs 5 and 16 on Gender Equality and Peace, Justice and Solid Institutions, in addition to the 7 Principles of Women’s Empowerment, promoted worldwide by the UN Women in alliance with the UN; and in the year 2021, we have been selected by Leaders League as the Best Recommended Law Firm 2021 in Business Criminal Litigation, Compliance and Fraud. These recognitions speak for us, but likewise, it is very important to explain why we do it.


The traditional way of practicing law has become obsolete.

We at Fexlaw are a group of legal specialists with a forward-looking approach, and have come together to create a whole new type of law firm—one based on a more passionate, more personal way of practicing law.


What is the point of telling you about how we are great at doing the same thing everyone else does?

A quick look at most law firms’ websites shows that they claim to provide quality legal services and practical solutions. They also claim to have a client-centered approach, and say that they are accessible and responsive.

Just like any good lawyer or law firm, we offer these same things. However, unlike most firms, we do not think that these are qualities worth bragging about. Rather, in our view, this constitutes the bare minimum that a client should expect from their law firm.

So what is it that really makes us different?


We challenge the status quo.

The first question we ask is: “How would this be done the traditional way?” The second is: “Would our clients want us to do it differently?”

Oftentimes, the answer to this second question is “YES.” Our value-based approach and close relationships, both with our clients and among our team, our use of systems and automation, together with our passion and any number of other aspects of our legal practice, are firmly rooted in our dedication to rocking the foundations of the traditional system.


We not only promise value—we guarantee it.

Like all businesses, we are committed to delivering value to our clients. However, we are willing to put our money where our mouth is.

Fexlaw is the very first law firm in the region to implement a value guarantee. Any client who believes that we have not met our commitment to service and value can add a discount to their invoice for any amount that they believe to be reasonable.


We believe you will like your lawyer.

All too often, the attorney-client relationship lacks a real human connection. It usually comes down to a mere transaction: the lawyer provides a service and the client pays the bill.

We at Fexlaw are out to redefine the attorney-client relationship, reclaiming the human connection. We believe that we can be the attorneys with whom you enjoy spending time, whether working together on a file or stopping by our office for a coffee or a beer on a Friday afternoon.


We are passionate about our work.

We are experts at what we do and how we do it, but for us, the key issue is WHY we do what we do.  We are convinced that through our legal services, we help our clients, providing them with excellent quality to enable equitable business practices through honest legal procedures and all of the digital tools available.

Honesty is not a value to be flaunted; rather, it comes through in a principled way of life, and this is reflected in the firm’s track record of integrity.


We seek out clients that we believe in.

When we started thinking about why we should create a new company, there was one mantra that rang in our heads: “Helping people to do good things.” Today more than ever, this still rings true. When we defend a client, we must be fully convinced of their innocence.

 The only way we, as professionals, can truly find fulfillment is by believing in what our clients are trying to achieve. It is by aligning our values with theirs that we are able to provide the very best service and counsel. In practical terms, this means that we do not take every case that comes in the door. We actively seek out clients whose ideas are in synch with our own and with whom we enjoy working; clients who are dedicated to important work and with whom we are proud to be associated.


We like each other.

Life is too short to spend with people you don’t enjoy being with.

We are fortunate to be a group of people who enjoy working together to help our clients. We look forward to our Monday morning meeting, when we all get together to plan for the week ahead, and we feel the same about our Friday afternoons, when we meet up to toast to the week gone by, or when we compete together as a team in a triathlon or a soccer tournament.

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