julio 15, 2024

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International Seminar on Intellectual Rights, Access and Transfer of Technology- SINDIATT

Our Partner Abg. Patricia Estupiñan, #FEXLAW will be participating on Tuesday October 27 with the theme: “Protection of Traditional Knowledge”. The objective of this event is to promote the development of universal and multidisciplinary thinking, aimed at producing added value on biodiversity, natural resources and sustainability, which contribute to the positive insertion of the country in the global dynamics of scientific and technological production.

The importance of strategic alliances between public, academic and business sector institutions will be discussed as key instruments to facilitate technology transfer and expand its effects on the national and regional innovation system.

⏱ 2:40 pm. at 3:20 pm.

? Event link: https://eventos.ikiam.edu.ec/event/18/

?: Free

Date: October 26-27-28


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